Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My Top 5 Firefox Plugins for Web Developers

Here are my favourite plugins for mine and every other decent web developers' favourite browser - Firefox :) All are essential in my day to day web development and I'd cry if you took them away...


The web development tool I use most. It keeps me sane when debugging strange web site behavior. Use it for inspecting markup for elements, css, modifying it in real-time, debugging javascript, analysing network usage and a whole lot more.


A Firefox addon that integrates with firebug (so you'll need to install that first). Great for analysing web site performance and suggesting performance improvements.

Web Developer

Adds a menu and toolbar to Firefox with lots of handy web developer tools, e.g. a link validator, a html validator, a 'small screen rendering' option for simulating mobile browsing and a bunch of other things too.


A web page analyser for reviewing your search engine optimisation criteria. Handy in its own right but very useful to the non SEO educated web developers out there.

IE Tab

A useful tool for easily and quickly viewing pages rendered as IE would. unfortunately this won't work for the very latest firefox release but hopefully they'll update the extension soon.

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